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2015-16 Brown's Baseball *Please contact coaches for individual tryout opportunities.

8U  Head Coach:  Darrick Brown  269-806-2659 

9U  Head Coach:  Chad Russell  269-209-4485  Ryan Duval  269-986-7193 

10U  Head Coach:  Dave Koren  269-491-3777 

11U  Head Coach:  TBA  (contact Darrick Brown if interested in coaching 11U at 269-806-2659) 

12U  Head Coach:  Don Keegan  269-760-7069     Cedric Russell  269-270-2926

13U  Head Coach:  Printess Sluss  269-760-0975     Casey Graybeal  269-269-420-7574 

14U Head Coach:  Alex Santiago  269-350-4457  Damon Timmerman 

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2015-16 Brown's Fastpitch *Please contact coaches for individual tryout opportunities.

9U Co Head Coach:  Doug Vincent  269-217-2377     Co Head Coach: Aaron Grogg  269-998-0399    

12U  Head Coach:  Maria Borden  269-251-0065  Corey Borden

14U  Head Coach:  Scott Peter  269-303-1471    

16U Cole  Head Coach:  Greg Cole  269-816-4469 

16U  Britten  Head Coach:  Kory Britten  269-779-5026  Jason Crisenbery  269-470-0053

16U Grys  Head Coach:  Kelly Grys  517-526-0002  (*Lansing based)

18U Edson  Head Coach:  Matt Edson  269-655-6446     Mike Roberts  269-207-6207

18U Shellenberger  Head Coach:  Mike Shellenberger  269-209-4199

18U Butler  Head Coach: Greg Butler  269-720-0087

23U  no tryout         23U TBA